Saturday, 31 December 2011

sorry .. i'm not in the mood right now ..

sometimes, i feel that i'm worst than everything.. i feel that i'm too stupid .. :'(

i want him to be by my side.. i want everyone to be by my side.. i miss everyone.. i really2 miss you guys.. you guys are everything to me.. i don't know why i'm crying right now.. even this week,this wednesday i'm crying at midnight alone.. i don't know what i feel right now.. 

i'm an annoying person.. :'( i don't know how to take care others.. i don't know how to become friends with them.. i'm not a good friends.. i'm not a good sister.. i'm not a good daughter.. i'm not a good family member and i'm not.. a good.. girlfriends to you right? 

if you guys can feel what i feel right now.. you guys will cry too.. i'm lonely.. very lonely although i know that i have an open-minded family member that wants to hear my problems.. the only who can solve my problem is me.. it's me.. you guys only can help me to give me an idea..

only a few can help me to solve my problems.. i'm a useless friends.. to all my friends.. i would like to apologize to you guys because i have been such a selfish girl in this year.. i know you guys think that i have forgotten you guys,.. but, that is not true at all..

our memories is in my mind.. i'll never forget our memories friends.. :'(
i'm so sorry.. i know who i am.. please forgive me.. i never meant to do this.. i'm so sorry.. to readers.. i'm sorry if i have say that you guys is useless or what.. i know.. Nabil Haziff still read my post in this blog.. so BABY , i'm sorry for what i have done to you.. 

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